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The Wonder 500 STORYBOOK VOL.2(英語版)p69 Ikou(衣桁)の紹介文、社名に誤りがありました。正しくは、下記の通りです。




Ikou is a piece of traditional Japanese furniture that originally was used for displaying kimonos and today serves as a dress stand for Japanese-style rooms. This product created by Azmaya boasts a functional and simple design that matches the modern lifestyle, and perfectly blends with both Japanese and Western-style interiors. Made of natural unvarnished cedar wood, each stand is assembled through a meticulous process that involves extremely fine chamfering.  The stand is a masterpiece that embodies the superb skills of the craftsmen. One of the characteristics of the product is the use of Sanada-himo, a type of woven flat cords, instead of metal fixtures to attach the movable parts. The Sanada-himo used in this product is a pure white cord specially made by Azmaya that enhances the fresh and clean appeal of the stand. The warm texture of the cedar perfectly matches the pure white cord, creating an ambience that cannot be attained with metal fixtures. Because of its simple design, this stand can be placed in the center of a room to serve as a partition.


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