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Z Series Z-9 Powder Brush (Powder makeup brush)

Makeup Accessories/Toiletries
The town of Kumano in Hiroshima prefecture produces approximately 80% of brushes in Japan. Techniques that have been cultivated for 180 years have created a new kind of makeup brush. The soft, fine quality of the gray squirrel fur used for this brush was considered unsuitable for brushes, but repeated research has enabled the softness and cling-to-the-skin texture to be leveraged to perfect this makeup brush. Only fur from the gray squirrel that is particularly long and supple is carefully selected. The focus is placed on creating a brush that is pleasant to use by finding a good balance between hair volume and density. The ends of the hairs are never cut, so the brush has a delicate touch and feels gentle on the skin. The craftsmanship can be keenly appreciated after makeup is applied. The workmanship of the artisans and brush-making tradition that has continued in Kumano is apparent in the finished product.