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Yuzukosho (Ao) (Spicy citrus paste with green chilies)

Yuzukosho is one of Japan’s more subtle seasonings whose spiciness comes from the delicately scented yuzu mixed with chili pepper. The Japanese word “kosho” is an old word for chili pepper and is said to have originated in various regions throughout the island of Kyushu, while yuzu is a specialty of the Tokushima and Kouchi prefectures. The KAWAHARA CORPORATION grows its own yuzu fruit in its orchards and sources chili peppers harvested through contract farms in Saga prefecture, which benefits from the Tsushima warm current that brings mineral rich salt that is itself a fine essential ingredient. The combination of these ingredients produces a yuzukosho that is full of variety and has a distinctive character. Yuzukosho is also used in first-class meals on international flights. Available not only in paste form, but also as a liquid that is perfect for salad dressings, or in powder form to sprinkle on various dishes, its versatility makes it easy to use in a variety of recipes.