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Yu Nakagawa Hanafukin (Tea towels)

Mosquito netting is an ancient specialty of Nara. However, due to lifestyle changes, the demand for mosquito netting, which is absorbent, breathable, and quick-drying, is dwindling. Yu Nakagawa Hanafukin tea towels take advantage of these qualities in a beautiful and functional manner. Making these tea towels is Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd., a venerable hemp fabric shop with a 300-year history. These double-layered tea towels sewn by experienced craftsmen out of coarse weave mosquito netting measure 58 cm by 58 cm, about four times the size of regular tea towels. Folding them makes them even more absorbent and they dry quickly when unfolded and hanged, so they can be kept hygienic. Their uses vary widely. They can be used to wipe dishes and prepare meals, as well as used as wiping cloths when they become old and ragged. These tea towels embody the Japanese value of using things car efully until the end of their lifecycle.