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Yosei no Hane Chambray Stole (Fairy feather chambray stole)

One of a kind – that describes each and every stole that uses Fairy Feather, a fabric made of the world’s thinnest silk thread, an eight-denier diameter equivalent to one-sixth of a strand of hair. Thousands of these amazingly fine silk threads are woven to produce this exquisite organdy, an ultra-light plain weave fabric with a unique sheen and transparency. This iridescent and seemingly lighter-than-air raw silk gently and softly cocoons the skin. From the town of Kawamata, Fukushima prefecture, known as one of Japan’s foremost silk weaving regions, this stole is the culmination of traditional techniques that have progressed for 1,400 years. This durable and lightweight fabric, realized through technology cultivated over long years of weaving tradition, prevents fluffing and pilling even with repeated uses, meaning it can be enjoyed over the long term. The comfort of wearing a fabric of such lightness is sure to please.