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Yamatozakura Handmade Full-Flavor Shochu

Clear Liquor
The Yamatozakura Handmade Full-Flavor Shochu is an authentic product manufactured at a distillery that has been operating since the late Edo Period in Kagoshima prefecture, the home of Japan’s most delectable shochu. This product is made from Kogane Sengan sweet potato, a rich in starch variety that is favored as the best material for high-quality shochu. Manufactured using ancient manual production techniques, with authentic rice malt meticulously cultivated in small quantities in wooden boxes called murobuta, this shochu is made entirely by hand and both the primary fermentation and the secondary fermentation are conducted in century-old ceramic vats called kametsubo. Infused with the delightful taste and rich sweetness of the potato, this shochu boasts a refined and mellow flavor without strong alcohol overtones. Delicious regardless of the way it is served—mixed with water, on the rocks, or neat—the shochu is enjoyed best when mixed with hot water, as it highlights the exquisite taste of the handmade rice malt.