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Wind Chime Nasubi

Wind Chimes/Doorbells
In a number of Asian countries, including Japan, tradition has it that certain sounds can create a sense of refreshment in those who hear them in the heat of summer, and a number of devices are used for creating such effects. In Japan it is furin (wind chimes) that produce this gentle tinkle as they sway in the breeze. Although furin can be created from all kinds of materials, those created from cast metal have a very special quality all of their own, and the metal wind chimes created from Nanbu ironware and Takaoka brass are particularly well known throughout Japan. Now, a cast-iron metalworking firm which has created high-precision components over many years has ventured into the production of original furin; themed on natural plant motifs, these wind chimes are crafted from a new specialized form of stainless steel developed by the firm especially to produce a particularly high-resonance sound. Since the note produced by a wind chime becomes progressively higher as the steel casing grows thinner, the stainless steel used in these wind chimes has been made extraordinarily thin using advanced technology. The decorative paper caps and paper strips hanging from the metal sections of these wind chimes are made from unryo-washi, a type of Japanese paper incorporating hemp fibers; the word nasubi is inscribed on the fluttering strip in Japanese. Three colors of steel are available: gold, silver and rose-gold. These wind chimes are truly sophisticated in their beauty, yet have a touch of warmth and playfulness about them as well.