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Wakaya Kohakuto “Gemstones”

Having thought fondly of the world before wakashi (Japanese sweets) came to have the “wa” (Japanese) used in the word, we sought to extract the individuality and source of wakashi as sweets and reinterpret what these sweets, loved so much in contemporary life, really are. As a result, Wakaya Kohakuto “Gemstones” were born. Using the method of kohakuto, the aspect of wakashi as showing reverence towards nature and as a lucky charm is embodied in the image of “gemstones” which are a natural beauty empathized with around the world. In order to spread the spiritual nature of “wa” throughout the world, the young 3rd-generation wakashi craftsman and producer unit “Wakaya” have made this foremost confectionery. While sticking to domestic materials, only those that best match with kohakuto have been selected, from the sugar to the water. Both the sparkling shine as if they were real gemstones, and the charm of “wa” materials with a delicacy and deepness, are enticing elements. There are 16 kinds in total - 4 different types for each of the 4 seasons, which are separated into different boxes. The individual beautiful colors emit various light, and produce a magnificent effect. Please enjoy all the flavors to your heart's content.