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Wakasa-nuri Hashi (Wakasa lacquered chopsticks)

Wakasa lacquerware was thought to have originated in the early 17th century when lacquerware from China was emulated and manufactured, and has been produced in the city of Obama in Fukui prefecture ever since. In 1978, it was designated as Traditional Crafts of Japan. Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks are lacquered and adorned with seashells, egg shells, or other decoration, lacquered for color and applied with gold leaf, lacquered again numerous times, and then resurfaced and glossed in a process that takes roughly a year to complete, with the total 20-step process not delegated to different individuals, but performed by only one craftsman. It is not just the lacquer’s luster, but how it feels in the hand, that marks the appeal of Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks. These are practical products that stand up well to heat and moisture, but while they are robust, it can also be said that they have a work-of-art-like beauty. Diners will certainly enjoy Japanese cuisine eaten with lacquered chopsticks, a tradition of Japanese culture.