The Wonder 500

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The Wonder 500™ Certified Product Details


With a target age from 0 to 100, this original educational toy can be enjoyed by anyone, from kids to adults. With a concept of “stack it, spin it, roll it and connect on forever and ever”, it has been made through a process of repeated enhancements in order to allow for a variety of ways to play. Such ways include building blocks, spinning top, die, and blocks. Through playing, the awareness of colors, numbers and shapes is deepened, and through moving fingers and touching, it also becomes a chance to learn how to hold pencils and chopsticks properly. This is not just an educational toy for small children, it is a toy that the whole family can enjoy while thinking about new ways to play with it. This product has passed the ST Standards Test, and its whole manufacturing process is carried out in Japan making it very safe and able to even be given to babies without worry.