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Tsumugi Afu Series

These products have been created by a construction company in Hiroshima based upon “global environmentalism” from the perspective of the companies in this field; the venture was inspired by the idea that reusing the high-performance materials that are generated during the manufacture of materials used in construction might be an efficient way to reduce waste. It was this idea that led to the creation of the Tsumugi Afu Series. The name “Tsumugi Afu” suggests the concept of “interweaving connections.” All kinds of remnants are generated in the process of manufacturing the textiles and tatami (traditional straw matting used to cover floors) used in housing; these remnants are purchased from the various manufacturers who have produced them, and then re-used to develop a range of new products that have a distinctively Japanese sense of style. The products are also playing a role in local community welfare, since the production process is subcontracted to facilities for people with disabilities. These adorable hair clips have been created by using pieces of tatami-beri, the fabric used to border tatami mats, based on this concept of integrating global environmentalism with social welfare initiatives.