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Tsume Yasuri/Kakato Yasuri (Nail/Foot file)

Makeup Accessories/Toiletries
First-time users of this nail file will be amazed at its smooth feel on the nails. Meticulously finished by a 92-year-old craftswoman, the nail file combines a clean and sharp edge with a gentle touch. The foot file removes only the dead cells without damaging the skin. The key feature of the file is its exquisite curved shape that perfectly matches the nails and the heel. This is an excellent product born by the combination of an ergonomic design and traditional craftsmanship.

[Producer’s Remarks]
With its fine texture and gentle touch, this nail file can be used even on babies’ sensitive nails to achieve a smooth finish. The curved shape of the foot file fits perfectly over the rounded form of the heel, enabling users to restore the silky feel of the skin only with light scrubbing motions. The product will not lose its clean sharp edge even after years of use. (Shoko Tsurumoto)