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Tsukiji Fushitaka no Katsuobushi Kezuriki (Dried bonito shaver)

Dried bonito, a traditional taste of Japan. This dried fish was at one time cut with a knife, but a specialty shaving tool was developed that takes the blade from a carpenter’s plane, reverses it and inserts it in a box. Long ago it was a common household tool, but nowadays the majority of dried bonito shaver users are professional chefs. A wholesaler Fushitaka, who handles dried bonito and kelp at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, is now marketing this tool to the general public so people can enjoy the flavor of freshly shaved dried bonito in their own homes. The plane is at an angle to make it easy to use, and the blade is set in the wood to prevent accidents, making this tool available for everyone, from novices to professionals. Fushitaka also holds free workshops where the blade in the plane can be adjusted and to instruct on proper use of the tool. In recent years, it seems there have been cases where pastry chefs from outside Japan have come to purchase the dried bonito shaver and use it to shave chocolate. Using this dried bonito shaver will certainly provide a freshly shaven taste of Japan.