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Tsugaru-nuri Mille-Feuille Hosobashi (Thin chopsticks coated with numerous thin layers of Tsugaru lacquer)

Tsugaru-nuri is a traditional craft from Aomori prefecture that has been passed down since the early Edo period. Tsugaru-nuri Mille-Feuille Chopsticks were created by accident through an error in the kara-nuri process, a traditional method where color lacquer is repeatedly applied and polished to produce an abstract, colorful pattern. The chopsticks are created using a technique unique to Kobayashi Shikki. Color lacquer is applied numerous times in multiple layers like mille-feuille and polished to produce a metallic quality.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Though the chopsticks have a rusty metallic appearance, they are actually made from soothing wood and lacquer. Contrary to their sturdy appearance, they feel amazingly comfortable to hold. The polished lacquer texture and unique shine give the chopsticks an attractive allure. (Rika Yajima)