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TOOLIST (Cocktail stirrers)

The screwdriver: a cocktail which was popular in days gone by among American oilfield workers. It is said that the drink takes its name from the fact that the drink’s ingredients of orange juice plus a vodka base were originally mixed not with a cocktail stirrer but with the screwdrivers that the workers usually had hanging from their belts. Based on the maker’s idea, “We always felt that the structural beauty of tools might find expression in other items as well,” this cocktail stirrer meticulously recreates the screwdrivers of this legend in every detail. Hand-crafted by metalworking craftspeople in a local tool manufacturing business which has been in this trade since the Edo Period (1603-1868), these cocktail stirrers are so exquisitely crafted that they can actually be used to turn a real screw. Why not enjoy a drink tonight using one of these delightful cocktail stirrers, with their sophisticated yet playful take on the beauty inherent to mechanical tools?