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Tokyo Sashisuseso (Tokyo seasoning set)

The term sashisuseso as used in cooking refers to the five basic seasonings: SAto (sugar), SHIo (salt), SU (vinegar), SEuyu or Shoyu (Soy sauce), and MiSO. This mnemonic device is used to help remember the order of use for these ingredients. Replacing miso with sosu (Worcester sauce), Tokyo Sashisuseso refers to Tokyo’s traditional cooking, including tempura, sushi, soba, and monja. Its manufacturing method has not changed since olden times. The products from five venerable seasonings manufacturers come together in one package, forming a new souvenir from Tokyo. The meticulous package design was also created to fully express the skills and feelings of the expert craftsmen who are Japan’s pride. Enjoy the finest Tokyo seasonings manufactured in a process of precision that harmonizes Japanese traditional culture and modern design.