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Tennen Jozo Miyako Miso (Naturally fermented Miyako soybean paste)

Okinawa is the home of miso manufacturing with ancient traditions which incorporate the region’s rich subtropical climate. On Miyakojima Island, miso manufacturing using organic koji starters has been miraculously preserved thanks to koji bacteria living in the cellars of the manufacturer. These bacteria are naturally deposited onto the starter used in the fermentation process. Made with non-genetically modified purely domestic soybeans, barley, and refined island salt, this product boasts the mild and soothing flavor of traditional homemade miso.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Savoring miso soup made with Miyako Miso is an utterly gratifying experience. The warm feeling that spreads through one’s senses is truly exceptional. The subtle soothing flavor preserved through the ages with the traditional koji starter in the miso cellars of the manufacturer is reminiscent of the slow and relaxing ambience of the Okinawan archipelago.(Shujiro Kusumoto)