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Tatami-beri (Tatami mat edging)

Cell Phone & Device Cases/Memory Sticks
Tatami-beri is the decorative edging that runs along the long edge of tatami mats. In the past, the multicolored and attractive design expressed the social status of a family or an individual’s social position. The Kojima District in the city of Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture produces 80% of the tatami-beri in Japan, but in recent years demand has been waning. However, collaboration with students that have novel ideas has led to various possibilities for utilizing tatami-beri and resulted in these creative pieces. Rather than simply use it for edging, utilizing tatami-beri on items such as buttons and brushes produces a cute, Japanese-style design. Substituting tatami-beri for the leather patch on the back of jeans gives the jeans a cool, modern look. Incorporating new designs while protecting tradition just may lead to discovering more to love about tatami.