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Tatami-beri Komonoire, Kozeniire (Purses)

Wallets/Clasp Coin Purses
Tatami-beri is the fabric that lines the edges of tatami mats, serving to protect them from abrasion and to fill the gaps that often appear when placing the mats. In the past, tatami-beri was woven using cotton or hemp yarn, but today it is mostly made from artificial fibers, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and boasts a rich variety of colors. Its unique designs and texture have made it a favored material in countries outside Japan as well, where it is garnering much attention under the name “Japanese Ribbon.” These purses for keeping accessories and coins are made using tatami-beri. Takada Orimono, a venerable manufacturer with a history of more than a century and a 35% share of the Japanese market for tatami-beri, has preserved the techniques and spirit of traditional manufacturing, applying them to bring the unique Japanese design of tatami-beri into the modern age.