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Take no Mimikaki+Gokubosobashi +Saga/Shikakubashi (Bamboo earpick, extremely thin bamboo chopsticks, square cut chopsticks)

Japanese have been using bamboo since prehistoric times. They have utilized it mainly as a building material, but as the tea culture flourished around the 14th century, bamboo became a popular material for making tea ceremony utensils. This refined application greatly raised the status of bamboo. Compared with wood, its fibers are more elastic and strong. The Gokubosobashi Shiratake chopsticks and Take no Mimikaki earpick take advantage of these outstanding properties of bamboo. The chopsticks are extremely thin and their tip is only 1.3mm, making the removal of tiny fish bones, for example, an easy task. The slender and stylish chopsticks give a smarter and more refined look to their holder. Take no Mimikaki is an earpick made of bamboo grown in Kyoto. Both products are carefully crafted by artisans highly skilled in the techniques of bamboo processing, at a bamboo workshop in Kyoto, which is engaged in numerous projects for repair and preservation of national treasures and cultural properties. The exquisite and delicate finish of the products looks so natural in its beauty that it defies the concept of manmade art.