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SUPPORi (Baby sling)

SUPPORi is a new type of sling that lets parents carry babies safely and comfortably. This is a remarkably compact sling, folding up to the size of your palm. It is also incredibly light, weighing no more than around 80g (M size sling). Created from high-strength polyester of the kind used in car seats and other devices and able to carry up to 13kg, this sling has also been designed with safety in mind. Moreover, as this sling is composed entirely from a mesh fabric, it keeps easily-overheated babies comfortable in hot weather and can even be used in the pool. Putting on SUPPORi and taking it off is easy, since the wearer has only to place the sling over his or her shoulders and put the baby inside. The ergonomically-designed structure of the sling is designed to allow the mesh fabric to mold itself closely to the upper body of the wearer to prevent fatigue. Machine-washable and quick to dry, SUPPORi is easy to keep clean. This sling was winner of the Good Design Award Japan in 2010. With more than 30 styles available, customers can enjoy picking the perfect sling to coordinate with their outfits, as well.