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Sonogi-cha Asatsuyu (Green tea from Sonogi)

Green Tea
The town of Higashisonogi is known as the area that produces the best tea in Nagasaki prefecture. In this region overlooking Omura harbor are elevated tea plantations covering a total area of 400 hectares at elevations between 150 and 350 meters. They are run by about 400 producers who harvest about 750 tons of tea per year. The tea made here is called “Sonogi-cha” (Sonogi tea). Among these, the rare type “Asatsuyu,” which is nicknamed “Tennnen Gyokuro” (the natural king of teas), is used for Sonogi-cha Asatsuyu. This highest grade tea made from carefully cultivated tea leaves is infused with the desire of producers for you to consume their delicious product. Pleasant sweetness spreads out from each sip of this exquisite creation. At the Nihon Cha Award 2014, where consumers choose Japan’s #1 tea, this tea was chosen for the Grand Prix from among a total of 281 exhibits.