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SOHACHI no Chonekutai (Bow ties)

Tsuzureori is a traditional Japanese fabric made by inserting colored weft threads over and under the warp threads to make hand-woven tapestry patterns. SOHACHI bow ties use rotsuzure silk gauze, a variation of tsuzureori, for the outer material. Japanese garment culture, native seasons, and aesthetic sensibilities unite to create bow ties that are not only attractive at the base of the collar, but also can be thinned or widened according to collar shape, and therefore usable over a long period of time. Up close, the inner lining is visible though the fabric, imparting a refined yet casual air. SOHACHI bow ties express the traditional color scheme known as kasane no irome—a layering of different colored fabrics that lets the viewer enjoy the color tone variations through the layers. Comes with matching handkerchiefs convenient for a coordinated look.