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Soba Dougu “Soraku” Roku Ten Set (6-piece soba utensil set)

Soba (buckwheat noodles) is an integral part of Japanese food culture. Brought over to Japan from China during the Jomon period over 2,000 years ago, soba evolved into its current form around 400 years ago. Handmade soba could be called a truly traditional Japanese dish. This product is a six piece set of soba-making equipment developed to allow people to make their own soba easily at home. The quality and material of each piece are so good, they could be called the definitive soba-making equipment. Each piece is crafted with care. The konebachi or kneading bowl, is shaped to prevent buckwheat flour from flying out of the bowl, while making it easy to mix with water. The grip of the soba knife is hand-finished to fit in the hand comfortably. The set embodies the ethos of Japanese craftsmen who are mindful of the convenience of consumers. Use this full-fledged soba-making set to learn how to make soba and enjoy soba-making.