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Shottsuru Jyunen Jukusen (Shottsuru fish sauce aged 10-years)

The main ingredient of Shottsuru fish sauce is sailfin sandfish, which is said to be a gift from the gods. Shottsuru fish sauce aged 10 years is a revival of a traditional Akita prefecture taste. Only fresh sailfin sandfish and sun bathed salt is used. Not one drop of water is used in the fish sauce, which is fermented for 10 long years. One ton of sailfin sandfish produces only 500 liters of this precious seasoning.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Shottsuru fish sauce is a completely different seasoning from soy sauce made from soybeans. Mild with no hint of fishiness, our fish sauce is a deep tasting liquid concentration of flavor. Use in pasta sauces or add a little to soups for amazing flavor. (Jens H. Jensen )