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Shodoshima Sugitarushikomi Shoyu Tsumeawase (Assortment of soy sauces from Shodo Island fermented in cedar barrels)

Shodoshima Island (Kagawa prefecture) is an island with rich natural surroundings in the Seto Inland Sea. Because this area has a warm climate that quickens fermentation of unrefined soy sauce, this condiment has been brewed there since the Edo period. Established 95 years ago, Shokin Shoyu has continued brewing soy sauce in large barrels of Japanese cedar 8 to 9 cubic meters in size; a method passed down from the first generation of brewers. Ingredients selected for this sauce are domestic whole soybeans, domestic wheat, and sun-dried salt. Natural fermentation is stubbornly adhered to, letting the natural temperature changes of the four seasons cause fermentation, unlike general soy sauce production with artificial temperature changes. Shodoshima Sugitarushikomi Shoyu, produced with natural ingredients and the power of nature, takes over a year to slowly ferment, making it a long-term fermented product. Enjoy the deep flavor that comes from quality ingredients.