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Shiraume Sabie Tekagami (Hand mirror with lacquerware)

Makeup Accessories/Toiletries
This mirror is made through a combination of decorative arts of lacquerware called raden and sabie that are representative of Takaoka Shikki. Production utilizes traditional handicraft techniques in modern ways, led by the 4th generational head of Shikki Kunimoto, a long-established business founded in 1909. In raden, a traditional technique used in Takaoka since long ago, various patterns are drawn on the surface of lacquerware, with mother-of-pearl made from the shells of Japanese abalone ground to a thickness of almost 0.1 mm. On the other hand, sabie is a technique that draws patterns using powdered burnt clay mixed with raw lacquer. This method is notable for three-dimensional designs. The brilliance of the mother-of-pearl, three-dimensional lacquer painting, and various techniques are employed to produce a high-quality mirror with a dynamic appeal. Young, local craftsmen including mother-of-pearl artisans and producers pour their heart and soul into this highly valued product that makes the most of local traditional craftsmanship in a modern offering.