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Seihakuji Futamono (Lidded porcelain bowl)

Mr. Anan trained in Arita, a type of pottery that was the first in Japan to create porcelain. Seihakuji Futamono is a perfect manifestation of his exceptional skill. The refreshing color evoking the serene surface of a lake emanates an inviting feel and high quality. Since the pot is lidded, it can be used either for serving dishes or to hold important treasures. Simply placing it in a room paints a beautiful picture.

[Producer’s Remarks]
This is an extremely popular piece that immediately sells out when shown at galleries. When a lidded piece is fired, it is easy for the lid and body to become misaligned, but all of Mr. Anan’s pieces fit together perfectly. He is an amazing artisan that can produce magnificent pieces using sophisticated techniques. (Tomoo Shoken)