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Sasakamaboko Tairyobata (Bamboo-leaf-shaped boiled fish paste)

Processed Foods (seafood)
Sendai is famous for its Sasakamaboko, a traditional fish cake made since the Meiji period from the seafood caught in the abundant fishing area of Sendai Bay and off the Sanriku coast. This fish cake is made of pureed white fish such as flounder, golden threadfin bream, and Alaska Pollock which is then formed into the shape of a bamboo leaf and then grilled. Among this area filled with competing fish cake manufacturers, Kanezaki’s fish cake named Tairyobata is particularly large and filling. The products are made with carefully-selected ingredients and natural seasonings, using an original production method, and painstakingly grilled until the outside is fragrant and inside is fluffy. To keep the product safe and allergy free, the manufacturer is resolute in using no preservatives, food coloring, or additives, as well as leaving out normal binding agents such as egg whites and starch. This is a superb food that preserves the original taste of the fish with a chewy texture that is sure to become a favorite.