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Sabae Mimikaki (Earpicks)

Makeup Accessories/Toiletries
Introducing Sabae earpicks, an item applying materials and techniques from the city of Sabae in Fukui prefecture, which boasts an over 90% share of Japan’s domestic eyeglass frame market. The swab is made of cellulose acetate, a plant-derived synthetic resin that is also used for eyeglass frames. Soft and easy to process, the swab design expresses an image of colorful eyeglasses by exploiting unlimited color combinations. The titanium on the ends has an anti-bacterial sterilizing effect and is less likely to cause metal allergies. It doesn’t rust and the spring-like elasticity gives it inexplicable comfort. These earpicks are individually polished with care and infused with a dedication to Japanese manufacturing that is handed down to future generations.