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Ryoribako (Dinner box)

Yoshino cedar grows in south central Nara prefecture in one of Japan’s three most beautiful planted forests. A high quality wood known for its beautiful light red bark and sweet fragrance, it has been planted since about 500 years ago. Carefully pruned Yoshino cedar has few knots and the precise age rings produce a strong wood. This strength led it to being used in the construction in the 16th century of famous castles such as Osaka Castle and Fushimi Castle. These Ryoribako have been skillfully crafted by master craftspeople in order to bring the beauty of Yoshino cedar to the dining table. The boxes have been finished in a safe and natural paint resistant to spills of liquids such as soy sauce. Use the square or rectangular boxes as single pieces or enjoy them in several combinations. Gentle to the touch, these attractive and modern dishes enhance the deliciousness of the food.