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Ringo Otome (Rice crackers with apple slices)

Ringo Otome, with the scent of fresh apples and distinctive sweet-tart taste, is a thin-baked cookie made with apples mixed in with flour and eggs, then topped with sliced apples. The main ingredient is actually apples that would have otherwise been wasted. In order to develop a harvest of high-quality apples, certain apples are pre-picked, or thinned from the tree prior to the actual harvest. One can say that this product is based on the Japanese sense of not wasting anything, as these thinned apples are normally discarded. Currently, sales are a respectable equivalent to an annual 50 tons of these thinned-out apples. They may well have been discarded, but being produced in Nagano prefecture these are the top apples in Japan and worldclass in terms of taste. Having been reviewed by a panel of judges from The International Taste Quality Institute, the iTQi, Ringo Otome has been honored for seven consecutive years with the 3-star Superior Taste Award. This is a testament to the exceptional taste of Ringo Otome.