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Raden Meishiire Matsu White (Mother-of-pearl business card case)

Name Card/Business Card Cases
The Raden Meishiire Matsu card case was created by Takaoka Lacquerware, an old company which has a long history of more than 400 years, from the lavish combination of their mother-of-pearl and lacquer making techniques. It is indeed an expensive item. However, one is certain to be convinced of its value when considering the numerous craftspeople that spent the time and effort to create this masterpiece. Production is a three-stage process that goes through a woodturner, a mother-of-pearl inlayer, and a lacquerer. The unlacquered wood is painted and polished repeatedly, and then in a painstakingly delicate process, a 0.1mm thin layer of abalone shell is applied in many different shapes to the wood with sword and needle. Urushi lacquer is usually black or red, but white lacquer has the interesting characteristic of turning bright in color with time. The vivid traditional craft of Raden Meishiire Matsu is a jewelry box that connects people to each other.