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Pure Titanium Double-Walled Tumbler Pottery Series

Drinking Vessels (Lipped Bowls/Sake Bottles/Sake Cups)
The texture of the surface is created by the varying crystal patterns that appear when titanium is heated in an oven at 1,055 degrees Celsius. This tumbler, although metal, feels like silk and has a very unique presence. With its double layer composition, it’s a very good insulator, keeping hot or cold drinks just as they ought to be. At the same time, the temperature is contained well within, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand, or condensation on the outside of the tumbler. Titanium is also tasteless, odorless, lightweight, strong, and doesn’t rust. However beneficial these characteristics, it is also known for being difficult to process and treat. The HORIE Corporation, however, was able to develop a way to manipulate it quite freely. In fact, it carried out research and development efforts in the city of Tsubame, Niigata prefecture, an area known for metal machining, that took several decades. The monument created for the London Olympics likewise benefitted from these R efforts, receiving rave reviews.