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Pure Gold and Silver Thread for Gifts

Sewing Sets
A fine craft originating in Kyoto, thread spun from pure gold and pure silver has long been part of traditional Japanese culture and can be seen in decorative curtains used in the Gion and other festivals around Japan, as well as in the ceremonial kesho-mawashi loincloth worn by sumo wrestlers and auspicious clothing worn for Shinto rituals and festivals. In Japan, the color gold represents permanence, honor, prosperity, and nobility, while silver symbolizes sincerity, purity, conquest of evil, and protection. The use of gold and silver thread in Japanese crafts is said to have the power to foster positive ties among people. Quality gold and silver thread requires the seasoned hands of master craftspeople with years of experience, who know precisely how to apply their skills in varying conditions of temperature and humidity, two factors which greatly affect the thread’s luster. This gold thread is spun from 94.43% pure gold leaf, and the silver thread is spun from silver vapor deposition film that is 99.99% pure silver.