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Puchi Shabon, Race, Yuki no Kessho (Makeup brush sets)

Makeup Accessories/Toiletries
The highly skilled artisans of Tanseido have crafted cosmetic brushes with tips so thin that they can write on a grain of rice, as well as brushes that blend and arrange two colors of bristles to form a legible character on the tip. Most Japanese brush makers assemble foreign-made parts domestically, however, the handles and metal parts of Tanseido brushes are entirely hand made in Japan. With their dreamy softness to caress human skin, the Tanseido brushes can be used for any kind of cosmetics. This is one reason that these brushes are already garnering recognition at makeup beauty shows outside of Japan. A relentless pursuit of the highest quality has resulted in a product jewel that is durable enough to be used for over 10 years. Tanseido is proud to engrave into the handle of each of its cosmetics brushes the “Made in Japan” moniker, evidence of exceptional technical capabilities.