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Pari Pari Baisen Iriko (Crispy roasted dried sardines)

Soup Stocks/Clear Soups
Schools of Japanese sardines that join smacks of jellyfish and are caught in a net without being damaged by the net are called gintsuki. These top grade sardines comprise only an extremely small part of overall fish hauls, approximately 0.5%. Freshly caught gintsuki fished off of a small island in the Seto Inland Sea are first boiled, then the head and guts of each one are carefully removed. They are then roasted to produce the best, additive-free dried sardines.

[Producer’s Remarks]
It goes without saying that these sardines produce a great broth, but try eating them straight from the package. Crispy and savory, they are completely free of a bitter flavor or smell. The more the sardines are chewed, the more flavor is released. They make an excellent snack or dish to have with a drink. Or, try them as a topping for pasta or salad. (Yukiko Ishimura)