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Paper Knife

Futuno Masataka Tanto-jo, a sword manufacturer located in Tenri City, Nara prefecture, crafted this paper knife with ferrite forged from tamahagane and oroshigane, steel materials used for making Japanese swords. With its surface painted black in order to prevent rusting, the paper knife appears simple yet projects an ambience of elegance and refinement. The sheath is made from susutake bamboo, a special type of bamboo darkened by long exposure to soot, usually near cookfires in old Japanese homes. An indigo-colored cord is tied near the mouth of the sheath. Futuno Masataka Tanto-jo is not only a sword manufacturer but also an indigo-dying workshop, and has used indigo pigments to accentuate the exquisite beauty of this paper knife. The wrapping cloth is dyed with indigo, persimmon juice, and red oxide pigments whose colorful brilliance not only highlights the superb craftsmanship of the manufacturer, bit also brings forth the stylish ambience of this paper knife.