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Origami Jewel Mizukuruma (12 kinds of piece earrings)

Mino handmade washi, created and cultivated in the scenic beauty of Gifu Prefecture, is washi which combines both thin and tough qualities, and is known even in Japan for its triumph of high quality. This Mino Washi, from the selection of materials to completion, is made from techniques carefully handed down over time, and has become registered as a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage from 2014. The world-renowned Mino Washi was used to create this pierce earring masterpiece. Lasers have been used to pattern in detail, and it has excellent formative beauty from being carefully hand-folded point-by-point with the skill of origami. As expected of washi, it is extremely light, and is strong due to being coasted with resin. The area around the wearer’s ears is colored beautifully thanks to the transparency distinctive of such a gentle material as washi, and the appearance of light softly seeping through.