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Omoeraku Nikko-sugi Syuki Series (Sake set series made from Nikko cedar wood)

Drinking Vessels (Lipped Bowls/Sake Bottles/Sake Cups)
The city of Nikko is famous as a home to UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Toshogu Shrine, Rinno-ji Temple, and Futarasan-jinja Shrine. This is a series of tokkuri (earthenware sake bottles) and masuhai (square-shaped wooden sake cups) containers for Japanese sake that use Japanese cedar from Nikko and are made by hand. Fine cedar grain and delicate joining together of wood by the precise skills of woodworkers have forged a new design for these measuring containers that have existed in Japan since olden days. Avoiding showy decorativeness, they sport an unaffected simple finish. The lid of the tokkuri has a dovetail design that is calculated to allow the sake to be poured slowly, finely, and attractively when it is tilted while holding the lid down. From these tokkuri and masuhai, which allow Japanese sake to be enjoyed in new ways, the fragrance of cedar that comes from the light red bark sets the mind at ease, and will elegantly color your sake drinking experience.