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Okayamakensan Fruit Jure (Fruit jelly)

Okayama, blessed with a mild climate, is recognized for its fruits. Known for high-quality, advanced cultivation techniques, the prefecture is in the top class in Japan in terms of the production of some fruits such as Shimizu white peaches with dense, sweet flesh, Muscat of Alexandria—called the queen of grapes and highly aromatic, and Pione—large, black grapes with a rich taste. Okayamakensan Fruit Jure (Fruit jelly) was created to share with as many people as possible the delicious fruits grown with great care that can only be enjoyed when in season. Looking just like jewels, the fruit is enveloped in a clear gelatin more delicate than jelly. The original triangular jars received the top prize in the design awards held by the Japan Glass Bottle Association. This superb product presents both beautiful contents and packaging.