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No!No!mosquito (Insect repellent)

No!No!mosquito is a novel leather item that combines the stylish ambience of leather, an indigenous product of Hyogo prefecture, with the properties of Hinokitiol, a compound of essential oils derived from Aomori Hiba, one of Japan’s three most beautiful tree varieties. Prized for its insect-repelling, odor-eliminating, and antibacterial properties, Hiba has been used as building material for shrines and temples since ancient times. The best way to prolong its beneficial effects is to fix the Hinokitiol compound onto fibers, so this product is made of horse leather, as it has the most appropriate fibrous structure among all leather materials for affixing chemical compounds. The design was inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians. The idea behind the design is that the product will drive away mosquitos just like the animals in the story drove away the robbers. The adorable silhouettes of the animals will add an enjoyable and stylish touch to any interior. This mosquito repellent does not need electricity, flame, or water to work, so it can be used in various environments.