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NODATE mug (Wooden mug) / Bento for Party (Wooden lunch box)

This mug is made in keeping with the traditional Aizu-nuri lacquerware technology, yet it breaks away from the image of lacquerware as something used only on special occasions and instead introduces the flexible concept of free outdoor use. Lacquerware, which is made of natural forest materials such as wood and tree sap, is light, strong, and filled with warmth. Its luster only deepens with use. It appeals with original beauty quite different from the features of metal, plastic, or earthenware.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Bento for Party is a lacquered tiered food box decorated with Japanese traditional gold-relief patterns inspired by the free and dynamic design of prominent reggae artist Kads Miida. The attractive design is complemented with outstanding functionality, which will appeal to the outdoor-loving customers with a taste for novel things. (Mika Saito) Nodate is a Japanese word which means an open-air tea ceremony or enjoying tea outdoors. The NODATE mug, which is made of lacquered marronnier, has excellent heat insulation properties, so it is easy to carry even when filled with hot liquid, and does not freeze to the skin or lips even in sub-zero temperatures. The brilliant design of the mug enables users to hang it from their backpacks. (Jen. J. Hen)