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Mokkoyo Mitsuro Kurimu 40g (Beeswax cream for wooden surfaces)

When wooden floors and furniture are used and loved for many years, waxes and protective coatings are essential to keep them looking beautiful. Not surprisingly, waxes made from natural ingredients are the product of choice when it comes to showcasing a natural material such as wood. This beeswax cream for wooden surfaces is created from a base of Japan-sourced honeybee beeswax, to which canola oil, linseed oil and tea seed oil from Toyama prefecture are added, and then cedar leaf oil from Aomori prefecture. It has just the right degree of softness and viscosity, and adds a slight water-resistance to the surfaces it is rubbed into. In addition to its superb wood-permeation properties, this wax is also highly transparent, ensuring that the natural beauty of the wood itself can shine through. As the ingredients used are supremely gentle on the skin, it is particularly suitable not only for those with pets and small children but also those who are worried about “sick building syndrome” in their homes. Created by a wood specialist firm which knows wood inside and out, this natural wax has been created to truly show your wooden surfaces off at their best.