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Mitsuboshi Shoyu (Shoyusashi) Giftyo Hakoiri (Soy sauce, gift packaging)

Horikawaya Nomura was a kaisen-donya (shipping agent) when it was founded in the Genroku era (1688-1704). At some point, its business switched to selling the Kinzanji-miso and soy sauce it made as gifts for clients. Even today, 300 years and 17 generations later, the company has fiercely safeguarded its long-established manufacturing methods to carry on its handcrafted tradition based on the belief that they should only manufacture foods that they themselves eat and are satisfied with. Soybeans from Hokkaido are steamed in a pot using firewood, wheat is roasted, and malt is produced by hand over a fourday period. The ingredients are slowly fermented to produce naturally brewed dark soy sauce characterized by a mild and sweet flavor, and umami acquired only from domestically grown soybeans that produce a light aftertaste. The 200 ml bottle has a classy package design and can be used as a soy sauce bottle for the table. It is the perfect gift for wedding guests, when paying visits and showing appreciation, and as a souvenir for non -Japanese.