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MISOKA Haburashi (Toothbrush)

Makeup Accessories/Toiletries
This is a high-end toothbrush that costs 1,000 yen (plus tax). In April 2015, the cumulative number of units shipped reached two million. The patented nano mineral coating technology and Nano-Sion Dream processing are applied to each individual toothbrush bristle. This toothbrush is the first that simultaneously removes debris from the teeth using only water, and prevents against subsequent debris. At first, sales were slow, but then it started to gain supporters because of its high functionality, and the number of repeat users is now climbing. In order to ship only products of convincing quality, even processes that could be automated are purposely kept as manual tasks performed by craftsmen. The name of the product, “Misoka,” which means “thirty days,” was chosen to recommend users to start with a pure new brush every 30 days. Enjoy a newfangled toothbrush that combines Japanese nanotechnology, the artisan spirit, and tradition.