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Migakiya Syndicate Beer Tumbler (Beer tumbler)

Drinking Vessels (Lipped Bowls/Sake Bottles/Sake Cups)
This stainless steel beer tumbler has been developed with the goal of having beer taste its best. In order to achieve such a creamy head, the inside of the tumbler has been masterfully polished and treated with a special technique. When the beer is poured, the head becomes dense and delicate and looks as smooth as silk. Also, the head stands up over time, and owing to the double layer construction, the tumbler hardly sweats, while also insulating the beer for long-lasting coldness. This could very well be the ultimate tumbler. The hands that crafted this piece come from a highly skilled group of polishing technicians called the Migakiya Syndicate located in the thriving metal processing area of city of Tsubame, Niigata prefecture. The techniques used by these professionals are also used in the making of mobile devices and semiconductor manufacturing precision devices. The traditional craftsmanship of our predecessors has evolved with the times and continues to support the art of manufacturing.