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Masking Color (Masking color strippable paint)

Pens/Pen Cases
Masking Color is a new type of paint that is available in a rich variety of 20 colors and proudly made in Tokyo. Its greatest quality is that it lets you return a painted item to its pre-painted state. This is because once the paint dries, you can strip it off and repaint the area, and even affix the painted strip to another area. This quality lets you easily change window displays to suit the season, and make places you never thought you could repaint into new canvases. While durable enough to use outdoors, it is also water-based paint that contains no harmful substances, and is therefore safe for small children to use. The excellent pen-type bottle design makes it easy to carry and easy to apply. This product is a recipient of the internationally influential iF Design Award, which has also been called the “Oscar of the design world.”