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Leather Handbag in Metallic Gold

This leather handbag features a wrinkle finish and is made by carmine, a brand of accessories designed for fun. The special leather materials used to make the handbag are produced by two leather makers in the Taito-ku neighborhood of Tokyo. They are treated with five different processes, including coating a base of cowhide with a special glue and using foil processing to create the special pattern. The finished leather fabric is cut by a master cutter and then carefully handstitched by local craftspeople. Leather is easily affected by temperature and humidity, which makes it difficult to ensure precise consistency across products, but that ensures each bag has its own unique personality. The opening at the top is wide to allow for easy access to the items inside and a peek at the bag’s fun red lining. Processed with an enamel-like coating, this is a handbag that’s not only fashionable, but stands up to scratches and dirt, as well.