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Kyushu Pancake (Kyushu pancake mix)

Kyushu, one of the four major islands comprising the Japanese archipelago, is situated in the southwest part of the country. This pancake mix uses only ingredients from the seven prefectures of Kyushu, and Okinawa prefecture, which lies to the south of Kyushu. It uses wheat from Oita prefecture, sugar from Okinawa prefecture, pressed barley with germ from Saga prefecture, among other ingredients, and contains absolutely no emulsifiers, sweet spices, or processed starch. You can use the ingredients as is to make not only pancakes, but also muffins or cookies. The end result is not too sweet, and goes perfectly with meals that include items such as sausage, ham, or fried eggs. Traceability is also secured from production to final consumption and waste disposal stages for all producing locations. This product, which was born out of the connections between producers from all of Kyushu’s prefectures, can be eaten safely with peace of mind.